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Anwaliya always believes in the “Make in India” initiative that helps hard-working potters and artisans from all over India.


About Us

Anwaliya is a home-grown brand that was established in 2018, with a vision to help the hard-working potters and artisans of India, due to cheap imported products with a variety of designs and highly competitive prices. our potters are not able to compete with the products So, we come into action to help them give insights of the latest culture and designs which help them to make product up to the mark of imported products Our mission is to provide the best quality products without any harmful chemicals which are far better than machine-made full of chemical products.

Shop Our Best Sellers

Best Sellers

Coffee Mugs

Anwaliya coffee mugs are stylish, unique, and durable. Made with high-quality ceramic, they have a comfortable handle and come in a variety of eye-catching designs. Perfect for a morning pick-me-up


Anwaliya bowls are beautifully crafted and functional. Made with high-quality material, they are available in a variety of designs and colors. Perfect for everyday use, they can be used for serving, cooking and dining.

Tea Cups

Anwaliya tea cups are a blend of traditional and modern designs.  They feature intricate patterns and come in vibrant colors. Perfect for enjoying a cup of chai or masala tea, making them a convenient and stylish choice.

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